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What's UCAP?

Celeina Ann online community UCAP (University of Celeina Ann Production) is a place where you can feel at home. Our goal is to expand communication with people from all over the world that shares similar interests at a safe environment.
Come join and let's talk about your interests! 



Online Meeting (Every month)

We will get together at a monthly online meeting on ZOOM.
Let’s get creative! We wanna hear your ideas. 

​Exclusive Live Stream

Let’s chit chat, and learn about music. Acoustic lives will be held as well.
You might be able to listen to some unreleased music as well.

​Daily Posts

Exchange ideas and information about your hobby to social problems
on our members-only page. 

You will be seeing Celeina's daily activities through her Story posts as well. 

Monthly Schedule 


Other Feature​s

・Access to members only merchandise 

・A gift of a signed postcard by Celeina once a year
(scheduled at December)

・ Off-line meeting 

・Advance pre-order live ticksts & benefits 

​・Play online games with Celeina 

NEW!→​・Get FREE streaming links to Celeina Ann's original podcast "COLD 92 RADIO"

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Class & Price

Japanese Class.png

Japanese Class - all content will be delivered to you in Japanese. Live streams and online meetings with Celeina, Posts and comments will be in Japanese. You don’t have to live in Japan to join this class. Whoever that are interested to study Japanese are welcomed too! You might find a friend in Japan...? We will have a similar class schedule as “English class”, but depending on how the class develops, content may differ from “English Class”. 

English Class.png

English Class - all content will be delivered to you in English. Live streams and online meetings with Celeina, Posts and comments will be in English. You might find friends all over the globe! We will have a similar class schedule as “Japanese Class”, but depending on how the class develops, content may differ from “Japanese Class”.

Global Class.png

Global Class - you will be joining both Japanese and English class. (You will be provided with 2 different links that one goes to Japanese class and the other to English class)

Simply you will be able to enjoy both contents.

Joining Global Class will give you a better deal if you are planning to join both Japanese Class and English Class separately.


300 JPY / this month's episode

Before you fully commit wanna give it a trial? 

You can now purchase a single episode of Celeina Ann's original monthly podcast "COLD 92 RADIO" just at the price of ¥300/ one episode to get a little flavor of what  kind of experience UCAP will bring you.  

 COLD 92 RADIO is a bilingual podcast program hosted by Celeina Ann. Celeina Ann herself takes place in planning, recording and editing. Every month a new episode is released. Each episode is released at the beginning of the month and available until the end of the month. A member of UCAP gets free access to "COLD 92 RADIO" episodes. 


How to listen to COLD 92 RADIO

① Purchase COLD 92 RADIO on this page via PayPal by pressing the button above.

​②Once your check out is done, you will be replaced to a Thank you page. The page will include you COLD 92 RADIO streaming link and instructions. 

② Shortly you will be receiving an email from  to the email address you’ve registered at your PayPal account for your payment confirmation and the same link and instructions just incase you missed the ② step. Make sure that the email address you have registered at PayPal is valid. 

③ Click the streaming link to listen to "COLD 92 RADIO" anywhere and everywhere till the end of the month. 

​*No matter where within the month you purchase this program, streaming will only be available till the end of the month. For each monthly episode you will have to repurchase an "COLD 92 RADIO" episode on this page.

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  • this is a pre-enrollment online community. 

  • this online community is a secret online group. Any use of the content of this online community exceeding the limitations of personal use explicitly as recognized by law (including copying, alteration, uploading, display, transmission, distribution, licensing, sale and publication) is strictly prohibited.

  • In order to join UCAP, you will need a Facebook account. Make sure to prepare an account! 

  • Be kind to each other. UCAP  is a space for love and fun. If we find trolling or any type of harmful acts on other group mates, you membership will be deleted. 

  • Your monthly subscription payments will start the day you apply and every month counted from the last date of withdrawal.

  • We will ask you approximately 10 days for enrollment after your payment. 

contact us here if you have questions !

Thank you for sending us your concernes.


2014年に自身のYouTubeチャンネルをスタート。開始半年で音楽事務所onepeaceへの所属が決まり、インディーズリリースしたミニアルバム『We Are One』はiTunesランキングで堂々の4位を獲得。その後、日本テレビ系「ZIP!」“あおぞらキャラバン”に出演、ユニバーサルミュージックよりメジャーデビュー、




これまでに、Ben Davis, CLINIQUE, FIAT, CASIOなどのブランドコラボレーションを行なっている。

Celeina Ann started her own YouTube channel in 2014. Within 6 month she was signed to an artist management onepeace. Her very first EP “We Are One” reached No.4 on the iTunes Japan album chart. She has been featured for a year on a Japanese daily morning show "ZIP!", getting signed to Universal Records Japan, toured China, and sang for a Netflix anime "Carole & Tuesday". Celeina Ann is now taking a new career path through various creative platforms. She has collaborated with multiple brands such as BenDavis, CLINIQUE, FIAT, and CASIO. 

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